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Economic Justice for

women of Color and Marginalized

genders impacted by the

U.s. criminal Justice system

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Black Women and Women of Color pay a disproportionate amount of fees to the U.S. criminal justice system (~60%+). Yet they make up less than 12% of our jail and prison populations.

Our mission at JCrow is to usher in a new era of economic justice for women of color who are justice impacted or involved. We help these women claim their stakeholdership without stigma and strengthen them and their families with financial, legal, entrepreneurial, and workforce resources.

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Who Pays for IT

WOCs pay an average of 60% of all legal fees in the U.S. Criminal Justice System.

Black women make up 50% of the female justice-impacted population. But all females make up only 11% of the total population.

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Who Works for It

Black women make up 53% of the black labor force with a 60% average wage gap compared to men.

Over 200,000 Black and Latina women have disappeared from the workforce since the pandemic, due to lack of childcare and family burdens.

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WHo Supports IT

87 percent of family members responsible for calls and visiting fees are women, 91 percent of whom are black or African American or Latinx, or Hispanic.

WOCs make up 80 -90% of the heads of households and breadwinners in their communities.

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